Pest company that will take care of a Skunk?


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Anyone know of a pest or critter company that will come to Gardnerville and trap a skunk?

Have a skunk that keeps getting into the crawl space. Animal control won’t do crap. And all the pest guys I’ve called say they don’t deal with it.

Any suggestions besides shooting it? Which I can’t do in a congested neighborhood. Hahah

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You could get a trap at Harbor Freight and do it yourself. If they're sufficiently confined they won't spray (i.e. in the trap). Once trapped take them to animal control or a deep pond of water.....


I own a pest company. Skunks aren't fun. Big cage style traps work well, and I use a .22lr revolver with short rounds in town unofficially. I wont put them in my truck, but if you need to, take a tarp and walk upto it holding the tarp, then drape it over the trap and you can gently move them without much fuss.


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If you trap them I highly recomend putting a box or plastic around the trap before you catch the skunk. haha I found this out from experience. I usually use a suppressed pre charged air rifle. If you don't hit them just right they spray and that stuff never seems to go away.