Pick-N-Pull half price sale


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This weekend is half off weekend at Pick-N-Pull Friday and saturday.

Just in case anyone dident know



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I was there today, nothing special, lots of spare axle parts and some rear hitches. I might go in later and pull one, they look simple enough.


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anybody going on friday?i need some toyota doors for my project[84-88].let me know.i have to work on friday but i can go up on saturday...


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hitches are easy to pull, just a tad time consuming. I might try and go, I have to work fri. and sat. though so we'll see


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I am going on wed. to scope things out and will probably be going on fri with sten_mitchell, let me know if you guys want to meet up.


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no there wasn't one under an xj, but there were a few wagoneers (i dont know what they use)

Lot's of spare parts for 35's and 30's. Few NP231 cases, no suspension goodies either.

I think there were 7-8 xj's, all had been picked pretty clean, except for the tow package's.


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NevadaXJ said:
I've tried to pull 2 hitches from PnP.... not as easy as it looks....

its times like that i really enjoy the benefits of the CO2 tank, impact wrench, a squirt of Aerokroil (www.kanolabs.com) and be home before lunch. I take tool box and tank, etc, strap it all to my hand truck and its a breeze. i'll be there Sat looking for an old Ford Courier tail gate.

thanks for the 1/2 off heads up.