Pics from Bronco Canyon, June 18th, 2005


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As many of you know some of us made a practice run to test out new mods before the rubicon. We had a great time, and I want to thank everyone for helping me get through. Tested the rock rails, bumper, and Aussie locker, and all went very well.....

The pics:

As always, pic of the day;


Vids are uploading as we speak.....


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nice pics, I want to come back and run thru dead horse again and the un-named trail that spoon is looking for also :yup:


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Tom, your control arm is bent, are you sure it's ok for Rubicon???




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How about that bent "rail" at the right of the pic.

My rear DS took a beating (bent to shit)now I need a new one before the trip. Anyone have one I can borrow :eek:


That junkyard on 4th st may be your answer unless you can find someone with a 96+ shaft... I bought my front shaft from them and with taxes they charged me $70. Getting my rear shaft balanced at Reno Driveline cost $66 so $70 wasn't that bad I guess. Problem is they might charge you more for a rear shaft.

If you get a new one, maybe the dented one could serve as a trail spare for the trip?


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I'll call my friend tommorrow and see if he still has his DS from his 2000 Cherokee. He may have gotten rid of it, but maybe we can get lucky....