Pizza night 11/4


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IM GOING!!!!!!!!

check out my fo-dees, while yall are at it... and my tubing and so forth

as always, pizza night discounts, free sodas, 10% off yo fooooood


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I will be there, and I will actually bring my junk now that I finally have it put back together. Gotta break in those gears.

I has a sweet rake now - something like 2 inches higher in the rear...

See ya there...



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Something came and I won't be able to make it. Let me know how many people want stickers and how many. We'll figure something out.

EDIT: I'll be there at 6:15 and will stay till 6:45. So if you want a sticker or pay membership $$$, be there at that time.
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Sierra Valley said:
Hey D,

Do I get stickers w/ the registration, if not, I would still like some of the old school stickers.

stickers are separate from registration. however, i have couple ideas for a sticker that will come FREE with everyones renewal next year.