Places to camp/fish?


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Are there any places in the area that are good for camping and fishing? I am new to Reno and looking to head out this weekend. I dont think my Jeep will be registered by then, so it would have to be accessable by my daily driver ford explorer 4x4. I will not use that for hard wheeling. ANyone have any ideas?


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I don't know about the reno area, but you can fish up at boca or prosser, I think pyramid has some big fish as well.

Most of the camp sites on the mountain is closed until the snow melts, but when it does there are alot of campgrounds.


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lahontan is good to fish and camp but dont eat the fish because the lake is full of mercury from our glorious mining days. Its not mountain camping but its a fun lake to party at.


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If you don't mind the drive, then Eagle Lake just north of Susanville has some great campgrounds, and some nice trout that are native to the lake. We usually go out there on memorial day weekend, and there are a ton of fishermen pulling out some pretty amazing fish.


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I have always enjoyed Davis creek for a quick last minute trip. We also go there first trip of the season to do a gear check out, if you forget anything town is only a few minutes away. They stock the pond fairly often.

Sardine Lake is nice, try to get a spot on the high side. The lower sites get buggy. They rent boats for cheap at the lodge. I never cought any fish but had a blast tooling around on the lake.

Even though I've never camped or fished there Gold Lake looked great. The trail over to Snake lake is fun to.

Walker Lake (down by Hawthorn) has some nice fish and the camping is okay for early season. Kinda hot in the summer. Lots of places to play on ATV's.

It's a long drive but Ilapah Res. over by Ely is great. Huge campsites, lots of fish in the lake. And a ton of dirt roads to explore. No trees in the camp ground but it's high country so not to hot.

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Frenchmans and Davis Lakes will fish very well for the next month or so, well worth a trip. I like to cool off on the Truckee River mid summer to late fall, lots of fish above town, big BROWN trout below town.