planned trail runs for this summer


Earlier this year we got together to put some dates down for some trail runs - you know, the bigger ones that take a little planning and probably time off work. Its on the forums Calendar, but here are the dates at a glance:

April 23 (Sat) Bronco Canyon

May 21 (Sat) Strawberry Creek with optional camping overnight
May 22 (Sun) Deer Valley

June 26 (Sun) leave for Rubicon and spend night at Icehouse or Loon
June 27 - 30 (Thu) Rubicon

July 23 (Sat) Pardoes Trail

August 6 (Sat) Barney Riley

August 20 (Sat) Barrett Lake

September 2 (Fri) leave for Dusy Ershim
September 3 - 5 (Mon) Dusy Ershim
might need another day?
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And just FYI, I'm already committed to doing the Rubicon on these dates since I already have the time off work. Not 100% sure on anything after that though. I've never run Dusy but would like to. Thats a holiday weekend so it might be easier to get the time off. I've heard its a long trail though and I've never done it. I'm wondering if we need one more day or not.


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I notice there are no vehicle requirements on the calendrer anymore. I've done none of those trails so what do we need? IE: 33"tires at least one locker and so on


You're good to go on any of those runs, especially if you go up to 33's.

We should post specific requirements in the individual threads for each run to avoid confusion. But generally for the more difficult ones like Rubicon, Barrett, and Dusy everyone going should have at least one locker.


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I have plans already for the Con on Memorial Weekend, but I would be interested in the Dusy trip. I have never been. Also I have a trip planned out for Moab with some locals of the area in September, anyone else interested?


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i might interested n goin to the con this summer. me and my friend hiked last summer. i will take my cruiser if i have my soa done and new tires and rims and hopefully a locker if not two.