Plasma Cutter Opinions?


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Never fails you say you have a budget and people suggest something half again more...... Hypertherm is good though? Do you have one? Hmm...


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I have a really old HYPOTHERM in my garage & have never had a problem with it, plus I've used the one @ washoe metal & the one @ DONNYS,both new and they work awsome! :DINCORRECT SPELLING.."HYPERTHERM" :woot2:
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plasma cutters are great, i use an esab for cutting my crap. buy a plasma cutter. they cut metal like butter. its fun to play with too!
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sten_mitchell said:
Mitec or Thermal Dynamics?
never heard of the first machine but have heard good things about the T/D unit...when you buy one call Howard at prax air he can match internet prices on most machines ;) !!

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I have heard good things about Hypertherm. I have a smaller Miller that is nice, but I should have got a Hypertherm, same performance and quality but slightly less expensive. Remember to run a water seperator on the machine, water in the air lines screws those things up easy. Go talk to the guys at Praxair, they treat you good and have great prices.