Project Beater B2000 (Basically) FREE


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So begins Project Free Beater. Today I picked up a 1984 mazda b2000 pickup with 167k miles for free, has everything still in tact. Apparently it has a coolant leak. So it sat unused for about 2 years, until I pulled it out to ressurrect it :) Now before you get pissed that this is in the 4x4 section and it's a 2wd truck, The non 4x4tech forum is dull and no one goes there. This project should be rather informative and shows people that a old car sitting in someones back yard, could be a great deal if you want a little beater car to do whatever with.

Project so far, the left rear brake pad was sealed to the drum, so after pulling the axle shaft to try and get the drum off (can you say rust-weld?) I dumped alot of wd40 into the drum and got it rolling once again. I get it home and pop the hood (very clean and simple setup) I find surprisingly little spider webs, not 1 part missing, vaccuum hoses are perfect shape, still has brake fluid, oil (little bit dirty but existent. Clean connections on/in the distributor cap. At this point i'm thinking this is gonna be a simple op to get it running

So I plop a newer battery in (it admittedly needs to be charged) and cracked open the steering console to hotwire the bad boy. (now it was supposed to have a key, but it went missing right before i come to get it :yes: Figured it mostly out (I won't go into details because although I have no idea wtf I'm doing, I can't teach anyone because it may be used in a bad way someday :roll:)

Basically the starter is drawing alot of amps, probably more then the battery has to offer. But it's not moving to turn the engine over. I keep thinking there is something I'm not doing right along the hotwire process, but most likely a power problem. Getting jumper cables to test out my theory.

So far the radiator is holding water, tranny and cluth work, brake's need to be blead, and oil/filter changed. so far that is my list of things to do to it before I foresee it running down the highway.

Now I know there is a catch to all free cars, this one's is that it apparently had a coolant leak, replacing the radiator didn't fix it. (I'm thinking either thermostat housing, heater core, or lower hosing) But for the effort to fix it, shouldn't be that high of a price tag.

Updates and pics to come when I get around to it.
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