Question about Offroad Shops


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Hello all -

If you are willing/able to provide me with any feedback on this, I'd appreciate it.

It's Jean with All Things Jeep. We've got a wholesale program for local shops out here in MA. I know there's a lot more offroad shops in the Reno/Tahoe area than there are here. I was thinking about bringing some samples of our shirts, decals, Jeep memorabilia out to Reno w/me when I come for a visit next week.

Have you noticed any shops out there that sell things like apparel, memorabilia, etc. If so, would you be up for sharing the names with me?

Also wondering, has the offroad museum opened up out there yet? Thanks!

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The Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame is open here in Reno at the Harrahs Automobile Museum. It currently has mabye 6 or 7 vehicles, but is also a venue to induct and honor people that qualify to be recognized for thier positive impact on the off road world as a whole. They are currently moving foreward with expanding and upgrading to have more interactive and more exciting displays and vehicles. They cover off road racing, rock crawling, sand sports, general four wheeling etc.., definitely a worthy place to check out. It might not be an awe inspiring display right now, but with the people that are behind it right now,contributing thier time and money, it will be awesome in a couple of years I had the opertunity to attend one of the induction ceremonies a couple of months back and that was really cool. It is neat to find out the history behind our sport and the people that have protected it and made it what it is.