Quick release wheel


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Installed a Summit splined 360* pull quick release hub and a Grant aluminum wheel

spline section welded onto shaft

Grant 15" aluminum wheel bolted to the billet quick release hub

installed, I went with the 1.5" dish wheel for a little extra room


makes getting in and out a lot easier and adds another level to my rigs security


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thats cool I have been thinking of a quick release wheel for awhile also give me a full shot of the inside of your doors cuz I am doing the same thing right now my friends step dad is getting me some sheet metal for free (he works at a heating and air conditioning shop) :D


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I made the door panels out of .063 aluminum, I just traced the old door panels out onto the aluminum and cut them using a jigsaw with a 24 tpi blade. Then I hit them with a pearl disc on my grinder for looks. Stainless self tapping screws hold them in place.

did the same for the dash but used socket head screws to bolt it down


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argh I dont remember but I know it was cheap, it was a rem piece from another job and I kinda get good deals from the steel guy cause he's always intersted in what I'm building when I come in, he lets me nose around the racks and scrap drop boxes for stuff. I am going to re-make them with heavier gauge aluminum, these tend to rattle a little when the tunes get goin :D a little too thin.

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try putting some Dynamat on the back of those panels. You can get it at Summit Racing it will make all the difference.