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Review I just left on google:

If I could give zero stars I would
I bought one of their spinning targets they sell at the shop 3 months ago. We were shooting it with .223 ammo and one of the targets fell off, we shot the remaining target and it fell off.

I understand things break and stuff sometimes doesn’t live up to expectations. So I called and spoke with someone from the store. He immediately was confrontational and said that I shot it wrong, said I used the wrong caliber(.223) or was too close(100 yards).

I wasn’t happy about him telling me I caused the defect in the shitty welds, and now had to wait till whenever the maker wanted to fix it.

When I called him back after he hung up on me, he was so abusive verbally that I would never recommend any one use this shop for any reason. People that treat their customers like this when they have a legitimate need for help, do not deserve to have a business. I am a business owner, and I bend over backwards for my customers. I would never speak to them in such an abisive way as this guy treated me.

I hope this helps anyone looking for firearm related items to avoid supporting a business with such horrid customer service.





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The only reviews on Google are 5 star.

That looks like a pretty amateurish welding job