Radiator service


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Anybody know of a good shop in Reno/Sparks to have my radiator serviced.
I just need to have it flushed, pressure tested and refilled.


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I have used McCarren Radiator for all of my needs. I am happy with them. They are just off of Glendale, I can not remember the name of the street but here is their phone number.

775) 331-3747


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i am really impressed with the professionalism that i got from A1 radiator on 2nd street near st.marys hospital... they did a great job with sealing a leak on my radiator, cleaned it perfectly, and repainted it all for a really good price... i think i spend like 35 to get it all done when i took the radiator by itself down to them


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If for any reason you don't go with dead&co, A1 has been the place I've gone for 20 years. Never been disappointed.