Recommendations for a zj roof rack?

Recommendations for a zj roof rack? Looking for a roof rack for a Zj roof rack that I can haul my spare in and a Shovel / Axe. I have been looking online and Im overwhelmed and cannot find exactly what I want. You guys have any recommendations for affordable options


I went with Smittybilt. I didn't want to use the factory crossbars and they have brackets that replace them. They also have all sorts mounts to hold your spare, axe, shovel, gas/water and have ligt tabs. I wanted to get one made in USA but couldn't find one that I liked or had as many options. They were also the most affordable.


I built one for mine a while ago. The roof is curved so if you want to mount it to the existing holes like I did, you'll have to accommodate for that. Tom is good, he'll sort you out if you need anything custom. Or you can hit me up and I'll offer my insight as well. Good luck!


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Oh, and I do have the smittybuilt one on my suburban and like it. However the shovel and high lift mounts are junk.



I've had a cheap one on my jeep for 6-7 years, and its fine. the bottom bars bed down a little when standing on them, but it doesnt change the use of it. Use a cheap one till you figure out a better option? likely you'll just stick with the cheap one and not upgrade as it works fine.

And if needed, you could add a couple cheap supports under for a little more strength.


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