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The R.E.C.O.N. G6 “Erzberg” brought out the heat yesterday and aptly so, since this G6 was held at Spice Island. The sun came out and warmed everything up. Some of the drivers burned up the stages, while others cooled off their trucks in the Truckee River and no, the name of the river had nothing to do with why trucks ended up in it…or does it? The Sparks PD showed up and brought the nervous heat as Chasinbaja dove into the skunk den until the cost was clear. Spucknit brought the heat with his killer chilli. He must be watching Food TV because he added steak to it. I know I heard several drivers comments and requesting naps.

I was stoked to see a large turn out by the Sacramento Scaler Nation. Tom, Chris, Sam, Martin, and the G-Vet himself, John Hallman, came to Spice Island to test their scalers capability and their driving ability. It was an honor to meet everyone and I can’t wait to share more G6 time with everyone.

This G6 featured a stage, stage 2 Erzberg, that was watchable by all. The stage featured hill climbs, mud, side hill, mud, tire crossings and more mud. There was passing and an amazing downhill double step jump that some drivers leaped; while others drove cautiously. One of the coolest stages that everyone got to watch and it also required some navigational skills to my surprise.

Stage 1 was an adventure that took G sixers on a 100 gate excapade. The time bonus required a driver to use their tow strap to pull a log up a sandy hill. A full pull netted the driver a time bonus and with a first come, first serve basis on the logs, it was important to get there early. Stage 1 also featured a very cool river section that had drivers navigating 3 gates 20 feet from the bank, but only tire deep in some areas.

Stage 3 was by far the most technical stage of the day. The 50 gate stage was big on special skills challenges. One the special skills challenges was 100 to 150 feet long in which a driver had to drive from behind a railing. If a driver had to recover their rig, it cost them a 5 min boundary penalty and some an additional judges winch penalty. There was a belly dragger section that the driver had to climb over a configuration of parking curbs. Another special skills challenge was an uphill muddy run that was very narrow. There was no room to go left or right, the drivers had to drive in the ruts of previous drivers, but the most entertaining special skills challenge had to be the self-recovery challenge.

The self-recovery skill section had drivers backing down an extremely steep bank of the Truckee River. The river was flowing swiftly and any mistake by a driver would have been costly and it was for one driver; more on that in a moment. After a driver backed down far enough to enter the skill section, they had to use the self recovery winch that was anchored at the top of the hill. So once a driver had the winch hooked up to their truck, they had to operate the recovery winch and drive their truck through a gate and to the top of the hill. Watching the different self recovery techniques was awesome! Now, back to the one driver, young Cole Bailey, who was in the middle of his self-recovery when the 80lb test winch rope broke and sent him diving down the hill to stop the scale Land Rover from becoming trout transportation. I have always said Cole Bailey is the future of r/c crawling and being just 2 gates away from finishing stage 3, he knew that the “hand of God” that saved his rig, just cost him a DNF. This, however, did not ruin his day, he manned up and went on to run stage 3 in the dark with his stage buddy, John Hallman.

This RECON G6 lived up to the expectation and besides a late start due to frozen ground, the day was enjoy by the drivers, their families, and quite of few passerby’s. I think the only complaints we had was from the cyclists dodging scalers on the tarmac. I need a loud horn on my scaler so I can honk at those damn roadies like I do in my 1:1.

The G6 is a full bodied experience. I am tore up from the floor up, mentally, physically, and spiritually, but I woke up ready to do it all over again. Driving a skills section or completing a time bonus, or just surviving a technical stage section that makes you sweat provusly and losing your sense of hearing from concentrating really is what makes the G6 a must have experience. This experience does not come with some hard work and with friends like Stuart G., Brad and Cole Bailey, and John Hallman a G6 comes to life. I could never do it alone, nor would I try, the set up experience brings all of us a great sense of pride and we do it for the love of scale r/c, the joy a G6 brings to other drivers, and because we all are a little crazy.

Thanks to all the drivers, stage buddies, and our G-Sponsors, Axial Racing, Vanquish Products, and Pit Bull Tires.

Congratulations to the podium finishers and to John Jackson. Jonathon received his very first and hopefully his last G-Degree, because a bad day at the G6 is better than being peed on! Better luck next time to Team Action Jackson. Time is not a factor in the G6, because the G6 is not a race, it’s an adventure with a time limit. Sure, there were drivers who blazed thru a stage, but their time penalties ruined any chance of a G6 stage win or overall. Driving smart and remembering that the tortoise beat the hare seemed to work for this G6’er and I’m stoked to have finished where I did with all the scale talent that competed at this G6.

Here are the results and see everyone at the RECON G6 “Folsom G6 Blues” in Sacramento.

1. Brian Parker (drivnmf)
2. Brad Bailey (chasinbaja)
3. Tom swanson
4. Skeeno
5. Jeremy Clark (Arcain41)
6. Tom Kowatch
7. Chance Powning
8. Martin
9. Matt Henry (werty)
10. Scott Swanson
11. John Hallman(sumquak)
12. Cole Bailey (uni-bomber)
13.Tom Akerman (slackerman)
14. Jason Perrine
15. Stuart Gartner(spuknit)
16. Chris
17. Rusty Jackson
18. Jonathan Jackson
19. Nick Jackson
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