Red 87 4Runner stolen - please keep a look out!


Someone I know just had their cherry red 87 4Runner stolen on Monday night. It has two red stars in the upper corners of the back window.

The odd thing is, when the thiefs stole it, they left behind another stolen red 87 4runner close by that was trashed. We're afraid the thiefs might trash theirs as well and dump it out in the hills or somewhere else.

Please keep a look-out on the trails as well as around town and call the police if you see it.



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Hate to hear stuff like that well just so happens I read of another rig out of reno disapearing on pirate in the toyota-4runner section hope they find the rig or the carkes of it.
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Got some good news from my friends today - the vehicle was recovered and not a total loss. Here's a part of the message they sent me:

"We got a call from the police yesterday the truck was found in a parking lot on Sutro. Evidently it ran out of gas. They snagged her from the Hilton so they did not get very far. I'll never ***** at our daughter for running around on empty again. The trucks in fairly good shape. Stereo, power booster and speakers gone of course, but also weird stuff like the dash cover, matts and ash trays. They unbolted the seats and took the seat covers off, but left the seats. No ignition damage does not appear to been hot wired. Neither did the truck they took first. Looks like we have a couple of knuckle heads trying to put a 4runner together with everyone else's parts and pieces. They are well versed at stealing this particular car."