Red Exocage Toyota


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Spied a rattle can red exo caged toyota extra cab heading north on 395 earlier today at panther drive, turning left onto old virginia just below releigh heights. No door and those dudes looked REALLY COLD. hehe After the light turned green, he got up to speed and i witnessed a SCARY case of the death wobbles. OMG! I mean, this guy almost lost the whole ship! WOW!

I was going south and after seeing this happen, he pulled over and i flipped a youie but by the time i got back to help, he had limped off.

So who ever ya may be, fix ur steering and glad ur OK!

That's pretty damn scary for sure!



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did it look like this
he was in the process of exoing his yota at this point. it has the fenders chopped alot.


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Connect said:
Hmmmm exo cage or.... life
I choose life

Death wobble wasn't cause by exo-cage. It's more like if you want to stay alive, build a cage.


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i should have added it was a four runner w/ the 'cage. no front doors. usually a quick stab of the front brakes will stabilize the situation...and correct death wobble, at least for a little while till it happens again.



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I was making a point of putting money into an exo cage, or into fixing his steering so he won't die going to the grocery store to pick up tampons for his wife :)