red xj looking thing

My name is Christopher Corpus,
I am 19, work construction, and love wheelin.
Got my first vehicle, a 88 four door cherokee pioneer 4.0. soon after that I was in the hills, rocks and swamps. I have about a 4 inch lift with 35" tires, almost no fenders, no doors, no hatch, and a sawed off upper rear.
I plan on getting Dana 60s front and rear (allready have the rear 60). I want to leaf the front and do about a 10 inch lift. I want 40-42 inch tires. im planning on getting a nv4500 tranny and what ever tcase that will go to it and give me a pasenger side drop. and then I will add a KluneV under drive.
but these are all plans for the future but the axels are what i am working on first then leafs.
And dbxj I asked to put some pics on for me so that is what the jeep looks like now.


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okay heres chris's jeep or what left of it anyway


high tech intake :p


and the last one


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well u gotta think about it most cherokee suffer from lack of wheel clearance and it well since about 45% of the body is gone theres lots of room now