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Remington Model 25 .32-20

Dr. Marneaus

Premium Member
Nice Remington Model 25 in .32-20. Aftermarket fancy walnut. Overall good condition, but being 85-95 years old its obviously got some cosmetic wear. Functions well. Fun little tack driver. It had some cycling issues when I acquired it, all of which have been fixed, and as a result the gun comes with a bunch of very hard to find extra parts (action bar, grip/trigger/hammer assembly, bolt assembly).

Also included are a bunch of fun extras that will make this economical to shoot:

100 rounds of .32-20 ($50-$65 per box new)
A set of RCBS Reloading Dies ($70 new)
100 pcs. new Winchester brass ($30something new)
Couple hundred pcs. used brass (gotta be worth something)
Several hundred lead projectiles (400?) ($35ish new)

Just add powder and primers and you're set to reload!

Asking $700 for the whole kit. Open to trades, I like revolvers and stuff. This is a C&R Gun so I'm happy to ship it under C&R rules as well.