Removing adhesive trim off truck paint


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I recently took the factory fender flare off my 2001 4Runner. They were fastened with scews and bolts to the body, but there was an adhesive strip accross the top to seal it to the body. When I took them off, some off it didn't come off with them, and now it looks ugly.




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You might try a stripping wheel designed for removing pinstriping. 3M makes them and you can get them at paint supply stores. A little pricey at ~$30, but they take it all off and wont hurt your paint.


mineral spirits do work great though, i use it at work all the time and its impossible to hurt your paint with it.
if you have a lot to remove or want to remove decals those 3m erasers work great u need a good electric drill though


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Thanks for all the help! So Mineral spirits are okay but paint thinner isn't? good thing I aske! ha. I took them off because they're annoying. My parents freaked out and told me I'm destroying it though, so I may have to put them back on.


I just used goof-off to remove some adhesive residue on my jeep. It is safe on paint. There is also goo-gone. similar stuff. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and it just wipes off. You may need to apply it twice if it is really thick.
Test in a hidden spot first and etc but it works really well.


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adhesive remover and plastic razor blades. Do it on a warm day for best results. If you use paint thinner test it on a small spot, generally it doesn't hurt paint.


your wifes hair blow dryer set on hight heat and a plastic spatula works like a charm!!! done it a thousand times

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use your thumb on the thick spots then use the 3m adhesive remover keep you rag clean and it will go much faster, or you can bring it by my shop and I'll do it for you


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IIRC paint thinner = mineral spirits. Look closely at a bottle of paint thinner, you'll see it says some percentage of mineral spirits inside with just extra stuff. Paint thinner/mineral spirits is usually used to reduce or clean oil based paints, which makes it fairly safe for automotive finishes because most are lacquer based.

AVOID LACQUER THINNER!!! Some of the 'adhesive removers' contain lacquer thinner, and you'll eat right through your truck's lacquer based paint.

Get an adhesive remover from an auto parts store, test it in a small area twice. Use a clean rag to ensure you aren't getting any paint transfer. Some paint supply stores might still carry a plastic razor blade that I've always had good success using to scrap old pin striping.


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Goof off and an old credit card.

For stubborn spots, soak a paper towel in goof off and lay it over the spot so it can soak.