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So far since I've been looking at different areas in Reno I've heard the terms "spun valley" and "Fernleybama". So I take it Sun valley is tweekerville and Fernley is podunk central? any other terms I should know? this could be helpfull if I pursue relocating there.


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:joedirt: DANNNNG!! :joedirt: There are a lot of nice looking places for sale (internet) in Fernley or am I missing something?


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Denis said:
I hear "Ferntuky" all the time.
So then it would be Falabama?
A couple of others:
Cartoon City (Carson City)
Sackatomatoes (Sacramento)
San Josie (San Jose)
Over the hill (anywhere in Cali (California)) As in "I'm heading over the hill this weekend if the snow isn't to bad."


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it's just a ways from Reno, so the prices are lower. if you don't mind a 30-40 minute drive to Reno.


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KYOTA said:
:joedirt: DANNNNG!! :joedirt: There are a lot of nice looking places for sale (internet) in Fernley or am I missing something?
Fearnly isn't to bad for a farming community. About a 20 minute commute to Reno, maybe 10 or 15 to Lockwood if you get a job with Granit out there. A couple of people I work with live out there and love it.

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Reno Lingo

Someone forgot....
1. Scum Valley
2. Slum Valley
3. Get Lucky In Truckee....btw, how many women in Truckee actually drive something other than a Subaru? 0

4. Girls in Fernley only know two things.... four wheeling and F*&king.
5. Incline Village is Income Village.
6. Caughlin Ranch Barbis
7. Pleasant Valley Galleys
8. Silver Springs got no bling
9. Palimony Valley
10. I live in Stead
11. Rancho Heathens
12. VC = Virginia City VCH= Virginia City Ho
13. Berkley is Bezerkly

BTW, tried to go up to Hunter Lake Saturday, son got carsick. So I stopped immediately and let him out, and oops! He puked on someone's lawn in Caughlin Ranch. :yup:
Then tonight on the way up there to watch the fireworks, he said "daddy isn't this where I blew chunks?" I laughed soooooooo hard my belly hurt..... :eek:
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Yeah, the distance keeps prices somewhat lower in Fernley. I work in south Reno, and it is almost 40 miles from my house to the office. Of course, a 40-45 minute commute is really not that big of deal, and is maybe ten minutes more than what I would have to deal with coming from the North valleys.

It isn't quite the hick town it used to be. With the crazy real estate market in Reno, alot of typical suburbanite families are moving in. I think most of the newer areas have homeowners associations and restricitons set up to keep guys like me out...



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I guess I should have said a 20 minute commute to Sparks.

Heres an oldie:
"Reno is so close to Hell you can see Sparks."