Reno4x4 Chat Room


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We Have a Chat Room For the Website On IRC If your New To IRC then here is a Breif Walk-Through on how to Get on and to the Chat Room.

Channel: #r4x4

1) Goto And Choose a Download Location and Save to your Computer (doesent matter where as long as you can find it when the download is done)

2) After Download Finishes Open the File that was downloaded and Install Mirc(its Pretty Self-Explainitory just follow the Dialogs)

3) When the Install is finished Open MIRC and on the Screen That pops up Type in your Name, Your Email Address and your Nick Name(that you would like to use in the chat) and an alternative so if your Nickname is allready taken you use the Alternative.

4) Down below those Options Click on the Flower Button, on the Next Screen in the Drop Down Menu Find "GameSurge: Random US server" and click on it.

5) Click on Connect to Server. After it Connects and Finishes with the MOTD(Message of the Day) Type in /Join #r4x4

6) Thats it, Enjoy Chatting.

This Walkthrough is for Windows, If you Use a Mac, then im not really sure on how this works as i have never owned a mac.

If you Need any Help PM me or Kairo and we can help you out.



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Come on guys, give this a try! I'm in there almost every afternoon when I get home. Scrub is around and so is NevadaXJ. It gets boring just talking to eachother :p