Reno4x4 will remain open during coronavirus panic


I'm putting the finishing touches on my lift this weekend then will be ordering new driveshafts on Monday soooooo as soon as I'm done, I'm all in!! It's been too long.
My shop will be open all weekend. Going to there movies tonight, maybe hit Peppermill tomorrow. It will be nice not to fight the crowds to do something on the weekend.


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We've been on lockdown at my company for over a week now. No travel, no customer visits.


This is good news, I was panicked that this site, and the world, might be shut down.

On a real note- my oldest daughter told me to forget the panic, lets go out wheelin' in the desert! Depending on the weather I may announce a trail ride for next Sunday.


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Just thinking out loud here.

While the country is paralysed by fear, with it's flames stoked by everyone from left to right, is this really the best we could come up with as the response to this problem?

What is not essential about a thriving economy, low unemployment and people being able to sufficiently supply for themselves and their families as well as give to others out of their abundance.

I am in no way trying to minimize the seriousness of the virus, nor the people that have died from complication caused by it, nor am I denying that it's real, as I personally know people that got the virus. But why are we wrecking the economy? How many people will die and be caused lasting harm due to economic downturn? Meanwhile, the government is choosing winners and losers, by deciding who is essential and who is not, forcing business to close left and right, while Amazon grabs even a larger piece of the market and it's stock price rose 10% over the past month.


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We'll have choices when this is over. Costco, Walmart and Amazon. Ahhhh I feel better now.

I agree with you.

They are just making a bigger welfare state. They shut everything down but open up feeding kids from the school cause it's the government who will feed the children not the parents who had them. Or the bigger unemployment checks. $15 an hour to sit at home...

I'm not going to refuse their stimulus check. I'm buying cheap stocks and bullets with it