Revolver Shackles (Teraflex)


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What do you guys have to say about Teraflex's Revolver Shackles for CJ and YJ. I think they are amazing with how much travel a leaf can be with this simple bolt-on. I saw on Xtreme 4x4 T.V. (Saturday and Sunday, 1 p.m., Spike T.V.) they used it on a CJ with a spring over. Pretty cool stuff.


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I would suggest Jim's ZigZag set up before the Revolver Shackles. Jim has a lock out pin for his and also a type of Panhard bar. Makes things alot safer. Those Revolver shackles can unload or shift weight when coming down an obstcale and cause a roll over. But your sh!t is gonna get scratched anyway. So buy whatever.


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on my old YJ, I ran RE 4.5 Extreme Duty springs SUA. first with regular shackles, then Revolvers in the rear. I did gain an inch or two of axle drop, but lost about the same in the uptravel. in my opinion, they are not worth the $$$. properly set up suspension will flex well without them.


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i used to have revolvers on my xj, they worked out great. i hada significant increase in travel, but only problem is the body roll if you have disconnected your swaybar.


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all ive heard about them is the same stuff... scarry when they unload on a steep decline or incline... from a sudden full weight on them to when they pop out and extend their 2 or 3 extra inches or whatever... massive weight transfer.. makes for lots of cleaning of the poop stains in your seat or worse..lots of scrapes on your roll cage