Rhino coating


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For a few years Toyota put some kind of black tar like stuff on the front floor of Cruisers. It is totally useless as sound proofing, heat shield or anything else I've found. It gets tacky in the heat and makes a mess. I finally finished stripping the last of it off my FJ40 trans hump this weekend. Now I have a lot of bare metal to coat. The plan is to replace the rear half of the tub next year so I don't want to spend to much.

I was thinking about using the do it yourself Rhino type coating they sell at walmart. Anybody ever use it?


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I used it on the inside of my jeep commanche. The key is prep (kinda like painting, eh), get some flap discs and go to town on the floor. then put the stuff down. It works ok, it doesn't do anything for heat or sound proofing though. If I were going to do it again, I would get some better stuff (like herculiner), but since you are doing it temporarily, just use the cheap stuff. Overall, I am pleased with the results.