Rigid 20” light bar E-series $250

For sale is a perfect working condition Rigid 20” E-series dual row LED light bar. Works perfect. Was in the front of my car for 2 years, some slight wear and tear from this. Every led works. Crazy bright. Not a cheap Chinese knock off, get the real thing!!

price drop again!!
NOW $250 with wiring harness and mounting brackets

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Nobody wants this thing? Open to trades OBO

I like things that shoot and other cool stuff. I can add cash on my end.

NO bacon, high fives, meat of any kind, junk, etc.



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I offer 3lbs of tofu, a low five, and an antique vintage set of Chinese made box wrenches?
Have harness, relay, switch? Part with the amber lense?

I have a the Rigid harness and relay I used, but I wired it to my high beams so the switch is cut out. I probably have a switch I could solder in or include to make the harness complete if it’s a deal breaker.
It does include the amber lenses, if thats your question.

And how old are the “Antique” box wrenches?