Ring & Pinion setup?


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IS swapping an r&p really that hard? It sounds pretty complicated from what I've read but was just wondering who has done this and if they might provide help setting up some toy 3rds...... I dont have the gears yet I was just going to see if I could get some help. Thanks!


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its not that hard to do.. you need a few tools... like a dial indicator to check backlash and an inch pound torque wrench to check bearing preload.. optional is a bearing puller- but.. it takes time and a little knowledge..

if your setting up an axle thats on your daily driver... like your rear axle.. its worth the time to get it done professionally- that way you know it will be set up right...
i just got done building two dana44 axles- i set up the front myself only because i am only riding on the gears when its in 4wheel drive, and i have manual hubs so its only then spinning when the hubs are locked...i had the rear setup by driveline service even though i could do it, but i just wanted the peace of mind knowing that it was done as perfect as possible and i wont ever have to worry about it failing.. and if it does.. its under warranty


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Gears are not too hard at all to set up, like Pizza said "you need the right tools". My brother and I just set mine up in my garage, was easy. If you are doing a Toy 3rd, pull it out and take it to someone to set up. That will save you some $$$. If even then it is too expensive, let me know. I can help you out.