Rubicon build I call It "Tag"


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All the build photos died and that really annoys me so I added ALL my jeep picts to a google photos album the link is below.

Hello and welcome to my Build Thread. First of all let me start with some history. All of my vehicles I have ever owned have been Jeeps, and I imagine they all will be Jeeps here on after. I got my first one when I was 15 a '87 Blue Cherokee Laredo my mom bought it after she blew up the Toyota Privia. Well she blew the motor on the Cherokee and my dad and I were rebuilding the motor but it was just taking too long and I needed a vehicle. By then I was 19 and had gotten my drivers license. About three months later in February I got a '90 Cherokee Sport, it had been thoroughly abused from the motor stand point but it ran well. I lifted it and drove it till I paid it off from the lady I bought it from. The tranny was going on it and the rear main seal was failing so I sold it, and bought my first wrangler. a '00 TJ sport. I wished the whole time I owned the jeep I had waited and bought a Rubicon. Well this summer I went wheeling with my friends in July and got totally sick of my jeeps capabilities. I decided to cut my losses and got for the Rubicon. I found one that I liked. So here I sit know. three months after I bought the Black Jeep Tag. I called him Tag because I tend to tag along after everyone in it. A lot of my friends have sports cars and I always go so much slower than them no matter where I go. Hence the name Tag. Well enough of this typing on with the photos!

Tag the day after I brought him home.

day two I had swapped wheels and tires. I never liked those Mickey Thompson Rims. There is a comparison


The next weekend (I work weekends so tuesday/wednesday) I decided to repaint the front and rear bumpers I saved from my other jeep. I had my brother weld the ICe fracture in the support so I would not have the same trouble. Words of advice do not loose the top cap on the Warn Rear tire carrier.

I installed them not long after that


I had to buy a new tonneau cover and bikini top and the half doors I bought and LOVE THEM!!!!

Finally sold these

I Installed my CB Finally! I have had it since march and never touched it



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I installed my Air compressor and need to take some photos. I got caught up building my new replacement computer during all this.

I have a strong dislike for chrome on my jeep so I covered the last bit I had by Painting the Bezels


Stay tuned. I have a Warn M8000 Winch in my living room to install, Currie upper and lower control arms to get installed and the Curried HD steering kit. I also have to figure out (If its not either of those things) why when braking at speed my steering shimmy's. Not consistently either.

Future modification plans include. 35's, Long arms (possibly), Corner armor, tummy tuck, higher lift, Bed liner for convenience sake. Maybe the Currie Anti rock Sway bar. And one for the rear as well, that is intense when on the freeway. I am not liking the Skyjacker quick disconnects.


So I got a picture of my Air Compressor. I have not had a chance to test it out yet but I am hoping soon.


I installed my winch today. It was only a small pain in the butt. Mostly My neighbors interrupted me the most.

Here it is after I lifted the whole plate winch and fairlead back onto the bumper. It is mighty heavy. I am stronger than I thought. I have an aluminum fairlead I think I will install next time I need to take my bumper off (front anti rock installation).


After some wire fiddling and relocation I got it all done




I decided to Install my Currie HD Steering today. It went well all the crown bolts came off nicely, the cotter pins weren't a pain in the butt as much as I had expected. The real pain was getting the drag link off the pitman arm. I had to go to napa in town and get a wedge that was meant for the right size. Well after all that I found this before I installed the new rods.


My upper control arm mount is all bent. Going to have to replace that. Any one got a place to find the brackets ready to weld on.


Old Tiny bars


New more beefy

I got the Jeep aligned the next day and it turns out the drag link is a tad too long to get the steering wheel completely straight no really biggie the wheels aligned just fine.


**most of this is copied from my build thread on Jeepforum so I apologize if it make little sense. The picture tag limit is higher on there.

I now have the rear anti rock and the JJ conversion kit sitting in the hall way at my house I am trying to decided whether or not to attempot the install myself or take it to ORI and let them do it.
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I saw this on their web page. The one for the 44 is what I'd have to get. It is an awesome design.

but nothing like that with the long support for the front 44 unfortunately.


You can get the bracket from Rusty's offroad for about $70.00 or any other fab parts source like Ruffstuff or Blue Torch Fab I would imagine. ORI is no longer in business unfortunately.


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No worries Jerry šŸ˜„

I already have the parts. ORI I thought moved? I refuse to purchase for rusty's for various reasons.

If ORI really is closed is there a place that could install the rear sway at for me.


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check the vendor section

Or try to contct "Saturn ICL" on the forum here. He was ORI's main man and I think he is working on his own now.

Your Rubicon is looking great. You've put a lot into it and it should be a great wheeler. Come out and join us on any of our runs, we'd like to meet you and see that thing in person.


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Thanks, I would have met many of you in July for the Hawley lake run. I was there Tues-thurs the week before and after, but I had to work. I am planning on going to the meeting on the 16th. Maybe someday I'll get to go on a run. If only they were on weekdays.

I will contact him I can do pretty much all the installation except for the welding. I have a welder (or two) and everything but no one in my family is skilled enough for this task.


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Well a bit of adventuring and some parts installed I thought to update This.

Among many things we went to the Grand Sierra resort and played Laser tag for my friends birthday.

I did end up purchasing the Rear anti-rock and the front johnny joints. I had then installed at Blacks R&R.


Well I can say now I have zero regrets about having it installed and purchasing the product. The Jeep ride is awesome. Now I just need four new shocks and I am all set.




Blown up shock

New front upper control arm mount (no point in taking a pic of the other side you cant see anything


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I also went on the sunday HLT (hunter Lake trail) run. It was nice to hit the trail for probably the last time this year. Here are some pics. The first are of where the caughlin fire started they are saying it was started by sparking power lines. Some of the guys said the saw lights on the hill like some one was wheeling at night. I hope this was not the case as it just makes a bad name for the rest of us.




Here is a link of where we went with some photos from another of the guys who went with us.








To be continued...


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Do not try at home I was rolling at about a half a mile and hour


Made it safe landing

One thing I did learn while on this trip. the Skyjacker quick disconnects are B***s***. Do not buy them EVER!!! most pain in the butt I have every had.


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Sam did you find weld on brackets yet? If not check out they got some beefy stuff for cheap and they are right over the hill in auburn use FACEBOOK as a discount code. looks like you've done some work since I saw it at Bentley's going away party!


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Thanks, I would have met many of you in July for the Hawley lake run. I was there Tues-thurs the week before and after, but I had to work. I am planning on going to the meeting on the 16th. Maybe someday I'll get to go on a run. If only they were on weekdays.

I will contact him I can do pretty much all the installation except for the welding. I have a welder (or two) and everything but no one in my family is skilled enough for this task.

can't snuffy weld?


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Yeah Steve I got the brackets from currie they are johnny joints. They are nice and solid. I have done a little bit to it since Bentley's going away party.

He can, he had mentioned before that he wasn't sure about it when we were working on another project, and I didn't ask about this because I needed it done and preferred not to wait. I actually bought my second welder from him.

Now I just need to relocate the rear shocks so they aren't contacting the spring buckets.


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Hey thanks for the comments. I got Some up dates, and photo's.

New shiny Shocks for the front and rear

The old shock was so dead, my friend 10 year old could move it.

My Brother did the install because my back was all messed up.

Aren't they purdy. I put on the currie rear shock relocators. We decided I didn't need the bar pin eliminators. So they are sitting on my work bench. If your interested let me know.

So I have a vague plan laid out in front of me for this. I will be installing the Under Cover fab works Ultra High clearance Skid with their Lo-Pro tranny mount. Combined with the Body lift and Motor mount Lift. with give me way more clearance underneath. I will also do the Tom Woods Dde shaft at the same time.

Some where in there Relocate the rear shock mounts. I am going to use the one from ballistic fab

Following that I will Purchase the Metal Cloak Armor. Tube fenders Rock rails and Rear corner armor. It is definitely going to take me a while to gather funds for all of that but Maybe by next July I will have it.

After that, the future if murky. I can do a lot of things. Swap in 35's and go with it. Up the gears in the axle to keep the driving quality. Or I can go 37's and do the gears also. For the larger Tires I am totally torn between the Mickey Thompson MTZ's or the BFG KM2's.

You guys have some input on any of this?