Rubicon Maintenance

Simple Man

From Shannon, the FOTR Trail Boss:

Hello Friends of the Rubicon, I hope this email finds you well.

We are working with Tahoe USFS on a project to collect and move rocks with the RTF trailers to the mud pit on Sunday October 18. The trailers are already in Tahoe. FOTR needs 4 drivers to tow trailers on the trail and an additional 2-3 (8-12 total) volunteers per trailer to help gather rocks and load them in.

Please Let me know if you are available to give us a hand, so I have a head count for lunch. Your Help is greatly Appreciated!

We will be meeting at Tahoe Staging at 8 am Sunday October 18.

*If you would like to camp overnight Saturday, Please let me know so I can try to make arrangements for a common location and try to secure a special use permit from the Forest Service ( I will need a headcount)

Please contact me to let me know you can help at [email protected]

Thank You, Shannon

Also I am interested in seeing how many Volunteers I have available for Weekday Projects. If you Can volunteer on a weekday Please let me know, we have a few other projects to plan.

Please reach out to Shannon if you are able to help out.