Rubicon Trail Closure Alert-- Tahoma Side


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The Rubicon Trail will be closed to through traffic at the Tahoma staging area for paving Monday June 21st through Friday June 25th! Access will be allowed from the west as far as the Buck Lake Trail.

The Tahoma staging area will be getting a long overdue asphalt paving as will the last section of access road. Repairs will also be done to the access road. At this time, no lines will be painted to control parking. It will be up to the users to determine how best to use the area. Painting might happen in the future.

The five days of closure is for the safety of the crews working and to speed up the process, as they won’t have to deal with vehicle traffic.

The paving is being done to reduce erosion and dust within the Lake Tahoe Basin.

There will be reroutes available through Blackwood Canyon. Although longer, it will give users to see other routes in the area. Coming out, the easy reroute is Forest Road 03-04 over to Barker Pass and then Forest Road 03 down to the lake. The more adventurous reroute would be the Hobbit Trail (16E76) to the Red Cabin Trail (16E79) and then take the Middle Fork Trail (15N38) down to the lake.

Signs will be placed to direct traffic.

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I see it says the staging area is closed 12-25 on the new post about Blackwood canyon on theotherrubicon, is that a typo and supposed to be 21-25?

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Yes, that was a typo and has been corrected. Thanks for pointing it out.

New post about parking trailers along Blackwood Canyon on

There is a slight chance that the staging area could be closed the Saturday as well but only if something goes wrong during the paving process.

Reroutes are available through Blackwood Canyon for those coming all the way through from the Loon side.


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Simple Man

Anyone going to the Springs this weekend?

I have a laminated map and description of the alternate routes I'd like to get to the caretaker so they can pass along the info.

Let me know, thx