Rubicon Trail meeting in Reno 3-28-20

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Okay, as you have read here, most of the Rubicon meetings have taken place in Placerville or at Lake Tahoe. Well now there will be a Rubicon Trail meeting in Reno!

This is not an official Rubicon Oversight Committee (ROC) meeting put on by El Dorado County. This meeting is being put on by the users for the users. We have asked the different agencies to attend in order to get direct answers and explanations of how management and maintenance of the Rubicon Trail will work moving forward; specifically, within Placer County now that the Tahoe National Forest is in charge of trail maintenance there.

There will be a very short presentation about how things will work but I hope that the majority of the time will be a Q&A session. El Dorado shared a ton of information at their last ROC meeting. Notes from that meeting are posted on my website: There is also more information on the El Dorado County website about the Rubicon Trail:

If you can't make the meeting, please email me your questions and/or concerns and I will try and get your answers.

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Damnit. Literally the same time as swimming lessons. I was hoping afternoon. Hopefully some people show up.

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The Reno Motorsports Expo has been cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns.

So, there will be no Rubicon meeting on the 28th.

I'll work on another meeting date or publishing as much info as possible online.

Stay tuned.

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El Dorado County has posted a document on their Rubicon page that should have all the info that was to be shared at the meeting.

Rubicon page:

Here's the actual document: Update Placer County (1).pdf

It would have been nice to have most of the agency representatives at the meeting to answer all the questions of the users.

Maintenance is planned for the new rolling dips between Observation and Morris Rock. El Dorado is also hoping to work the swamp area between Miller Creek and the Property Line.

This fall, work is planned for the staging area: paving the existing parking area (no parking stripes to be painted) and new kiosks with a new Rubicon map. Future plans might expand the parking area but not this year.

If you have any questions about any part of the Rubicon, contact Vickie Sanders of El Dorado County. I'm also happy to answer what I can.