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If your looking for more fun than should be legal with a toy truck check out RECON'S Nevada G6 Challenge!!! This is the only scale event in Northern Nevada and tests you on everything from navigating to hill climbs and mud! The next one is on Jan. 15th. You can get all the details and see pictures at We are also having round 3 of our Rubber-2-Rock series this saturday at Warriors Point, Pyramid Lake. This comp will challenge you as a driver and your rig like no other. This spot is virgin, never comped before and is sure to put a smile on your face!


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G6 Scale comp 1/15/11

R.E.C.O.N. Crawlers is proud to host another Nevada G6 Challenge, "ERZBERG".

Location: Cottonwood Park West, Sparks, NV
Date: Jan. 15, 2011
Time: Tech start at 0800hrs / rig is impounded after tech.
Drivers Meeting: 0900hrs.
Stage Start: right after drivers meeting.
Fee: Individual-$10.00; Teams-$10.00 for Captain and $5.00 per team member.
Directions: ... top=0~0~0~

This G6 Challenge will feature 3 stages of r/c scale rally fun and as always, the time bonuses and special skills sections will test drivers fortitude or winch, which ever comes first.

Stage 1 will be a healthy dose of 100 gates.
Stage 2 will feature 50 gates.
Stage 3 will feature 50 gates.

Gate numbers will be highly visible, but navigational skills will be needed. The Stage Buddy will not assist the driver on locating the next gates, but will tell the driver the next gate he/she is looking for.

Drivers will start in 2 minute intervals and may be alternating Stages.

Once paired with a stage buddy, both competitors must finish the Stage. There will be a 5 to 10 minute break in between those drivers running of the Stage.

Driving Teams will be scored and encouraged at this G6. A team may consist of two or three drivers and one G-ride; scaler. The team drivers will run each stage and be scored individually and as a team. The team with the lowest combined score will win. No team members will Stage Buddy for each other. Bring out the family or some buddies and have some fun.

This G6, battery changes MUST BE DONE IN THE PIT AREA and ON THE CLOCK. A driver will be able to turn off/on or plug/unplug their rig in the impound area only.

Please see the G6 format for updates on the G6 Guidelines. There have been some changes and updates.

Thank you and let's get our G6 fix on!


1. Spucknit / RTR Honcho
2. Chasinbaja / Land Rover
3. Unibomber / RTR Poncho Villa
4. Hi-C / Bronco Trail Tamer
5. DRIVNMF / Lil' Lexus
6. Slackerman / Gone Camping F350
7. Cory Hunter / RECON Rigalicious
8. Jerry C. /Makin it happen captin
9. Jeremy C. / G-Sweaty Betty
10. Skeeno/ 2nd Place Honcho
11. rcjackson0926/ Whatever Santa brings us.
12. Werty/macho honcho
13. James Stewart / RECON Rigalicious

G6 1.9 Teams:

1. chasinbaja/uni-bomber-Stage Dominating Land Rover
2. Action Jackson's/Whatever Santa brings us
3. RECON G-Soldiers / RECON Rigalicious (Cory/James)

Another AWSOME event, come on out and see what RECON has to offer!!! After the success of the first G6 we have a full schedule for the Reno/Sparks area, California and more to be announced soon.