She is on there...


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Finally got it mounted, I got some 1 1/2" 250 wall DOM for the Tie Rod, and welded some bungs in and installed some 3/4 telfon sleeved Heims. Then cut down 1" thick solid steal to weld on for my ram brackets. I think it should hold!



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She's lookin good, how much did the Steering setup cost ya? that is if you dont mind me asking :D



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rockape said:
Progress!Now for that other 100 things, and it will be wheelin!

Funny, I should have it running this Sunday - Driving by Thursday,and wheeling by that following Sunday. Look-out Bud Canyon :eek:

The Ram cost me $80 or so, the Orbital was already on the Buggy and the lines am gonna have made on Thursday.