Show off your RC crawler!


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My upgrades/customizations from stock AX-10:
Losi Rock Claw tires
Northwest Traction Technologies hybrid memory foams #8 front and #5 rear
Custom beadlock rings (my design)

Button cap screws to replace socket cap beadlock screws

Hardened 4130 Chromoly press fit lockers

Split battery pack mounted to front axle
Hitec HS-645MG high torque steering servo
Alloy shocks with limiters to lower ride height
Super soft springs (red) up front and medium springs (green) on rear
Moved lower links inboard of chassis and replaced socket cap screws with button cap
30* bent rear HD lower links
Aluminum 3-link connectors
60% front/40% rear weight ratio
Removed green anodization from links
Rooster Crawler ESC
Integty 55T motor
JR Racing XS3 Pro radio and reciever


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I've had it for a couple years. Since I work weekends I can't do the comps. So I just do it for fun. I have a nice crawl area by a park near me and sometimes I'll go out to Frenchmen or Moonrocks if I feel like getting out.


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Here's my set-up

Radio : DX3R
Speed Control: FX-R
Chassis: DNA CFX Slingshot
Dig: DNA Dig
Dig Servo: HS225MG
Motor plate: DNA
Transmission: Axial
Axles: Axial
Links: 4mm delrin rods / Revo ends
Skid plate: DNA delrin
Shocks: Revo / Jato springs
Heavy Heavy duty lockers
Rear axle: HR Aluminum lockout kit
Drive shafts: HD & yokes
Steering Servo: JR DS8711
Tires: HB Rovers (white)
Foams: Panther soft foams
Wheels: Mayhem spiders silver/blue
Suspension: 4 link
rear-end gears: Stock
Spur gear: 87t
Pinion gear on motor: 14t
Motor: 45T Novak
Battery: CKRC’s 3s 1300mah
Body: beat-up Losi Grappler
Ride height: -3"
wheel base: -12.5"
Clearance: 1.5”
Weight: 60/40
Total rig weight: 6.5 lbs

I put my dig back in, more fun with it in, i will just have to go Pro on the comps i do make this year,
work schedule:rolleyes:

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I'd post pics of my super modded Wheely King but 1. Don't have any yet. 2. I would look like a Vespa at a Moto-GP race... Jeep Liberty (not Inc's) in the Rubicon... Poindexter in a strip club... Catch my drift?


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Here is mine, in progress. I bought it 8 years ago as a 100% stock brand new, XTM X-Factor Nitro Monster Truck. This is probably the 5th or 6th time that it has been completely torn down and rebuilt. I have ditched the nitro motor for 2 Novak 55t motors, and a Novak Superduty ESC. Dual 6 cell cheapo Radio Shack batteries. This truck originally had a cantilever, triangulated 4 link suspension with about a 12" wheelbase. Somewhere along the line I extended it to about 18"wheelbase and ditched the cantilevers, and replaced the stock driveshafts with t-maxx shafts. This time I decided to really build it right, I am building a complete new frame, 5 link suspension, 16" wheelbase, maximiser beadlocks, locked diffs, and more ground clearance. It is not a low CG, high tech crawler like alot of people have, but it suits me and my driving style the way it is, and it is huge, which is always good in my book.

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Ok here's a few of mine its an ax10 with some tuning to the suspension and lowered a bit with a nitto heep body. i wanted to go more scale but still keep the ax10 drive train with tons of flex still looking for a 1/10 samurai body lol


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Here is the latest iteration. CKRC thicker body. I didn't do a very good job painting, but it looks good for now.



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thinkin about gettin into RC crawling but dont want to start too steep. whats everyones take on the Axial AX10 Scorpion RTC?
CKRC has them for $234.99 and comes with everything but a battery and charger
I know its nothin compared to the ones posted here, but im lookin for more of a fun thing for now and MAYBE comps later on down the road

or what about the Exceed RC Mad Crawler for $130. im hearing surprisingly good reviews for the price

or also the Exceed RC MaxStone
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Here is the oldest iteration of my super..

Then it was this

now it is close to this:

but is has different tires and a stretch i'll try and find more photos