Sick of hearing two words.


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And if she paid for anything in the store, her wallet/purse/credit card if used also... I've taken a fair amount of HAZMAT training and what I see folks do is just ridiculous. If you're doing your business in public, there's virtually no way to keep from contaminating yourself, your vehicle or your home. Is anyone leaving their groceries outside or washing them before bringing them in? I doubt it.

It would be fun to give some of these folks the "ketchup test" that I've used in classes... get 'em suited up and apply some ketchup to their gloves, then have 'em remove their gear. You haven't had fun until you've seen a class full of high school kids do it...


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I have a super rare lung disease and I do come with papers now. This has been quite the adventure. I'm considered essential so still working. I reuse to live under a rock for the next two years.


I've got it, all of the catch phrases in one sentence.
Because we are all in this together, social distancing, in these unprecedented times of the new normal.
Haha!!! Did I leave anything out?


All jokes aside. Let's get real for a moment.
I'm not exactly a trump supporter. Let's face it. He's an asshole. But I truly believe that's just what we needed. In 2008 when the housing market collapsed. My 20 year career as a master carpenter was pulled out from under me, like a rug in a cartoon. Nobody stepped up, and said, you can't kick them out (me, my wife, and two teenage boys). You can't shut off their power and water. Oh and by the way, here's a few extra bucks. No, we were left to fend for ourselves. Maybe I wouldn't have lost my house, my dignity, and everything I owned. Like so many of us did! With a little consideration it could have been better. God bless America. And thank you mister Trump!!!


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I have made of point of correcting "social distancing" to "Physical distancing" though I hate both phrases. Where I work my personal opinion makes little difference in the way we are asking people to act. (I am the Parks Supervisor in Incline Village). We have had to assk people to do the distance thing and until very recently many of our facilities were closed. Majorioty of poeple are doing what thye are asked others are just dicks. It doesn't change the fact that I still have to wear a face covering at the hardware store and grocery store. Its all frustrating.

I personally am with the herd immunity crowd lets just get it over with. The lock down purpose was to let the hospitals get ready for the influx. They got ready, open up. It didn't really get bad here I think because it already went around in early January.


The masks are nothing more than a sign of subservience to the new ruling class. They do very little to nothing re: the virus. They simply show that we, the sheeple can be controlled.


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I wear a mask, but only because it prevents me from choking on the 4 gallons of perfume all the old ladies put on to go grocery shopping and the smell of the dude who just crop dusted the whole pizza aisle.... I never knew an N-95 mask could filter smells so well. I might have to wear one every time I go shopping from now on..