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Hello Reno 4x4,
We see you as an important partner in our work. You’re basically an OHV First Responders; you talk with riders and recreators all day long, understanding their pressing access issues, the best trails, the coolest gear. But, you may not know what to do about that recent trail closure, or the proposed OHV Use Sticker. What if someone is new to the area and wants to join a riding club, but you are unsure where to direct them? Or, if a club wants to setup a “poker run,” but doesn’t know how to go about the permitting process through land managers or whether they should get insurance? Or, they want to establish a staging area with facilities and do some trail maintenance? You know there is OHV Grant money for that through the OHV Commission!?

Did you know that the Silver State Off-Road Alliance (SSORA) is a new nonprofit advocacy group established to educate and coordinate efforts on behalf of all off-road recreationists in Nevada? We’re a new resource designed specifically for your business and enthusiast community. SSORA will help you connect with more customers through promotional opportunities while simultaneously supporting advocacy to protect access to Our Public Lands. You can learn more about who we are and what we do at or by viewing our SSORA brochure here.

SORRA’s mission is to help establish new and maintain existing trails through responsible stewardship, as well as protect access. We provide individual enthusiasts, clubs and established organizations with education, training and support related to protecting and enhancing recreational opportunities. Our focus is to assist off-road groups and businesses navigate the maze of regulations, laws, government agencies and land managers to accomplish real-world results.

SSORA is a resource that can help with:

1) Education and Support Regarding Nevada’s OHV Registration Program

2) Access to a Well-Coordinated Network of OHV Users, Clubs, Organizations, Events and Trails

3) Access to Current Information and Efforts Surrounding Protecting Access to Public Lands

Let’s connect today and discuss how SSORA can be an ongoing resource for you and your community.

Please feel encouraged to respond directly to this email with a time and date to connect; contact me at [email protected] or you can give me a call anytime at (831) 566 5685.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Gabrielle Robinson
Outreach Coordinator

Silver State Off-Road Alliance
(833) 683-7623
[email protected]