Stuck on steves loop 6/1/21


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Broke the cardinal rule and went out with the step son and dogs, had water etc. Did not have recovery equipment with us, and went alone. Rig is currently stuck below the fall, and wedged. Samurai is on 31's SPUA not locked but did quite well up until sliding and getting stuck on top of a rock.

Text works best for me 775 600 7010


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Currently on stands or I'd come snatch you out. May want to try one of the FB recovery pages that get more traffic.


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Appreciate that currently working on recovery time and potential group to assist. Will post more info soon


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Can’t make it. Jeep isn’t safe to drive that far (death wobble)

If you Facebook there is a 775 recovery group and Reno4x4 has a group as well.


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Max made very quick work of the recovery, winched a rock out of the way, stacked some rocks in front of the rear drivers side and we headed back out.

Once again, Max, thank you so much...