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Ok boys and girl, I'm looking to put together a run on sunday. something besides hunter lake and moonrocks. Possibly hunter lake if it snows or rains decently at that elevation.

I was thinking more of a eagles lake run, even a night run since I know alot of us were excited about it but it never got it together. I went and checked out the trail, it's probably not 100% stock friendly but If you were careful you could make it far. I'm open to more suggestions, eagle lakes was the only one I could think of off the top of my head. (plus that side of the mountain gets wet at the slightest cloud or Tstorm) Please try to be a moderatly difficult trail :roll: :roll: :roll:

Checking the weather every twenty minutes, kinda calls for rain or snow mon/tue/wed. So I'll definatly keep my eye on that.

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I'll be camping at the Bear Valley campgrounds after the sat run. There is plenty of wheelin in that area for a sunday run. :gapteeth:

BTW: Dont know what weather you've been watching?

Oct 18 Partly Cloudy
62?/31? 20%

Oct 19 Mostly Sunny
58?/28? 20%

Oct 20 Mostly Sunny
60?/26? 20%

Oct 21 Sunny
63?/25? 20%

Oct 22 Sunny
63?/26? 0%

Oct 23 Sunny
63?/25? 0%

Oct 24 Mostly Sunny
57?/26? 20%

Per the weather station

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stv, sorry I lft you hanging on friday. However, I got lost and had to do some back tracking. Still saw some beautiful counrty but I need to bring my chainsaw next time, it would be cool to do again. Hey Steve, if you gots 4x4 power join us sat at b.v. trail do camping sat night, sunday morning we can drop down to Loyalton and run the trail backwards to bordertown from Loyalton. Let me know. you got my # in the pm.


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So where is this Bear Valley?

I might be up for it if its not too far from NW Reno. The Scout has a roof and doors now along with the a carb thats being fed some fuel. Shackles are flipped back to where they should be with a band-aid fix, but it's good to go. Someday some gears would be nice but if its sloppy some wheel speed might be a good thing. Its kinda hard to get past 50mph on the highway with about 12 psi in the tires. Com' on tax return.

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Mallford your the green scout w. the carb problems on hunter lake. Good to here its running better. I feel youi w/ the carb. Its all dirt roads from Boomtown this sat meeting at the Chevron in Boomtown for Reno folks at 9am sat. There are directions if you go to and there are mapquest directions. I would recomend going w/ Rare Cj 8. There is info on trail runs for this site about the B.V. Trail Run your tires w/ 25 and air down on the dirt. Lots of people have air at the run. See you there hopefully.


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The Bear Valley OHV Loop is a 15+ mile loop that starts and ends at a nice camp ground. On the map, it's directly west of Reno and 15 miles north of truckee. From Boomtown its dirt all the way-- well, at least from Dog Valley Road, where we'll air down-- that washboard can get nasty. Road heads north then trends west thru Sardine Valley then at Groundhog Rock, heads north past Sardine Peak (and a very cool abandoned fire look out) and in minutes ur at Bear Valley. This trail annually hosts Run-A-Muck. There are two winch hills and the dreaded Ball-Pien, named after the 'hammers' in JV.

Along with the Diablo 4Wheelers and some from Wine Country Rockcrawlers, we'll be doing some loop trail maintenance, tree clearing and help close down the trail for the season.

Pot luck BBQ dinner Sat night.

Here is a link for the closure.

here is a map of the loop--from 2K1. Still is valid.



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it was (the weather channel) on that day it called for rain/snow tuesday in truckee but that has since changed.


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Anyways the weekend is here. I need a head count to see if we're going to do something. I kinda like the idea of a eagle lakes night run, but I'm not going by myself so post up :)


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Anything happening for sunday?? Wanna get out but I don't know the trails for squat. Don't exactly wanna head out alone either. Night run is out for me until I get some more lights.

If there isn't anything happening I am heading up to Hunter Lake in the afternoon to test stuff out. See if my old winch is up to the task of pulling me around or not, cycle the suspension and stuff.