Super hardcore tech.........Painting Axles!!!


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Yes I know this could probably be posted over in chit-chat due to a lack of real tech involved but anyways. I have been running my axles without paint since the build up of my buggy. I would like to paint them because I am tired of coating them with WD-40 after every trail run to keep them from rusting. Now before I run down to the store and just buy whatever primer and paint they have on the shelf, I thought i'd ask you guys what brands you recommend and how have they been holding up on your axles?


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If they are bare metal you need to etch them before painting.

I use nason single stage automotive paint on my stuff. looks nice and covers 80 grit scratch smooth.
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just use Krylon Rust Tough flat black rattle can and it's very easy to touch up when it gets scratched.

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My pops got a bunch of gallon cans of paint from an estate sale, some sort of 1 part epoxy paint and primer called " Poxy II" . He has some black and grey gallons as well as some primer. From the decription it looks like it might work well for your application. I could get some for like 12 bucks a gallon, and you could pick up a H.F. cheap paint sprayer. something to look into. You could try it on your alxles and if it works clean and mask the whole chassis


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Dont know about for suspension parts but I am using Nason on a 69 GMC 3/4 ton I'm restoring. Nason is DuPonts econo-line but it is awesome stuff.