Taco or Tundra


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The next phase of my offroad adventures is going to be an overland rig. Right now I've got a 2016 Tacoma with about 55k miles on it. I was jusssstttt about to order a bunch of parts and send it down to Smash and have some work done when the Wuhan hit. Not prudent at the moment to spend a bunch of money (Sorry Eric).

That being said, when this all settles out, I'm wondering if I should build the taco or pickup a nice Tundra.

I highly doubt this rig will ever need to do anything more than run around on backroads, and it'll likely be mostly in NV or UT, so no super tight trails.

Tacoma probably gets a hair better gas mileage, but will definitely need some suspension work and a re-gear. Tundra gets me the ability to pull a travel trailer should I ever want one.

I dunno. Any thoughts one way or the other?


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Depending on future travel trailer size the taco would prob pull it. I did a 3200# TT for years behind my Xterra. Didn't win any races but did the job.


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I've got a Tundra, it's nice, big and comfortable. Power is decent, even with 35" tires and stock gearing. That being said, I would prefer a Tacoma for the trails.


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Tacoma. Narrower than a tundra, more off road parts available due to its reputation, and you can take all the money you’d spend buying a tundra and building it into your Tacoma. Only downside is you’d drive your toy so breaking can become more detrimental to getting to work Monday.

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Like mentioned, the Tacoma is nicer on the trail (more narrow and agile), but the Tundra is big and comfy. My Tundra pulls my 26’ travel trailer with 35’s and stock gearing just fine. Fuel mileage is a bit less in the Tundra, but that is to be expected.

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I was leaning towards the Tacoma as well. But I do miss driving the half ton.

In about 3-6 months new vehicles are going to be extremely reasonably priced. Maybe I'll just get a Tundra anyways and have two trucks :)