The moonrocks cleanup, offtopic part

Fish Sticks

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kairo said:
you fly fish by any chance?

Everyday I can. We will be running my drift boat down the Sac. on Oct 1st and 2nd for the wild rainbows. My drift boat has more rock rash than my jeep. My friends have named the boat Skratchy for all the white water wear and the sound it makes going over the rocks. Theres nothing more fun than shooting rapids and catching trout on wild sections of the rivers. You fly fish much?


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cutthroat said:
You fly fish much?

I used to a TON when I lived in seattle. Only gone a couple times here in Reno. floated the madison river in montana, fished a bunch of streams in pennsylvania as well as a couple rivers in Wyoming. We oughta go hit up the truckee sometime

Fish Sticks

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Sorry guys and PJ for going off topic. Banned for talking fishing? Kairo pm me your number and we can go beat the water.