The Parrot AR Drone 2 quadra copter review and video

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Picked one up a couple months ago, it has been a fun ride. Fast forward to 1:25 for the good stuff. Much easier than regular helicopters, can haul ass, and takes video and sends live video feed to the tablet or phone, which you use as the radio controller. Front video is 720, bottom is shit. Takes a beating and comes back ticking like a Timex. Foam indoor protector is great to keep the outdoor mishaps minimal.

About 9-11 minutes flight time with standard battery, 14-18 minutes with the 1500HD battery. Blades are very flexible, like a rubber/plastic combo. 156 feet is the average range, unless using a booster. Ended up getting this as a fluke, was saving up for the DV unit and they did a demo at the Verizon store with this, which was only 299. Not good with wind over 5mph.


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Does it just have the camera on the front / side, or is there one on the bottom as well?

Looks like it has decent video quality.


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Thanks for the info and review. I've been looking at getting something like this for trail run videos. Looking at the DJI at around $499 which is a bit pricy for my pocket right now.

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Kyle, the front camera is 720 (on the video) and a down facing cam is 480- crap res.

Bill, before plunking down the money on the DJI (version1) for 499, it's not as stable as the DJI Phantom 2 Vision, no real time streaming for flying it by video (video streaming interferes with the 2.4ghz WIFI control), just go up, take video, then down. Smaller battery, lower flight time, no three way gimbal with balancer.

Here is a link to the 2, more spendy and worth every dime. I'm saving up for one.