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I'm pulling together the pieces for new tires & wheels, a lift, and a re-gear on my 2015 JKUR. I'm planning on going with 315/70 - 17s rather than 35/12.50s because they tend to be a little lighter and are easier to find in a C load range rather than an E, so they should ride better. I'm looking at all of the usual suspects - KO2s, Toyo A/T IIIs, Nitto Ridge Grapplers, etc. etc. It's a long list. I have no experience with any of them. I want something that is reasonably quiet on the road, but won't let me down on trails or overlanding. I don't plan on extreme rock crawling. So, what do y'all recommend, or what do you recommend I stay away from.



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KM3 for a little softer tire compound for traction, Dick Cepek trail Country for a good more budget friendly tire.


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I've had Falken Wildpeak ATs on my Tundra for over a year and so far they've been great.


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I run Ko2s on all of our daily stuff including the wife's JKUR. Good traction in just about everything but nasty mud/deep snow. Seem to wear well and the sidewalls can take a beating when aired down low.


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I bought a set of milestar m/t tires last year just to try them. My Ramcharger doesn't get driven much so I wasn't worried about a soft compound or long mileage life.

They flat out work. Quiet, gained 1 mpg over the bfg mt's they replaced and they grip like a cat's tongue to everything from wet, icy pavement to sand covered slabs and deep snow. I'm a fan of the bfg a/t as well but tire technology has advanced light years in the last 5-10 years.

I've run a lot of brands, here's my other experiences.

Nitto a/t. Great tire, good mpg, great on wet roads and ice / snow up to hub deep. Good life too. Good mpg as well and balance really easy.

Toyo a/t. Heavy, drives like the tires are full of water. Great traction, tough, wear like iron. Lost 1.0-1.5 mpg coming from Toyo M-55 which is a heavy tire too but rolls easier.

Toyo m-55. Wear like iron, but chunk of spun in the rocks. Great for a heavy truck, worked hard. Good traction for what they are. Good mpg compared to others, but they are heavy.

bfg a/t. Great all around tire. Impressive on icy roads and hub deep snow. Wear in the middle too fast, even when run a little low on air. Good mpg, decent life, short for their advertised height most of the time.

bfg m/t. Decent tire but not what they once were. Short. A 35 is barely 33.5" tall. 37's are barely 35" tall. Crap on ice, decent in deep snow. Siping helps but there is something about the compound that hates cold weather, like anything below 0 degrees F.

Hankook m/t and a/t. A little short too for advertised height. M/T is really soft and isn't the best on sidehills but they grip good. Siping helps a ton. A/T, great tires. Balance good, long life, great traction, even when nearly bald. Love cold weather. Still grip good, even at below zero temps. A little better than bfg a/t when standing water is on the road.

General a/t. Good tires but wear fast and just aren't in the same class as a Nitto or Toyo but they are studdable if you need that. Short, like a bfg.