TJ/ZJ Lift

I've got pretty much a complete short arm lift kit that was originally on my TJ until I Long Armed it. At that point I installed the control arms and other minor parts onto my ZJ. I recently Long Armed my ZJ so the lift parts are for sale. Here is what I have:

Rubicon Express (RE) rear upper SuperFlex Adjustable control arms.
RE rear lower SuperFlex Adjustable control arms.
RE front lower SuperFlex Adjustable control arms.
Warrior Products front upper control arms (non adjustable)
RE 3-1/2" front and rear springs (TJ)
Superlift adjustable front trackbar (TJ)
Rear trackbar extension bracket
(4) Bilstein 5100 series shocks - came off ZJ
(4) Iron Rock OffRoad Shocks - came with ZJ 4.5" Iron Rock lift. Don't know much more about them.

Obviously I don't have all of the other brackets and nuts and bolts.

One set of the control arms alone cost over $200 new. And all RE parts come with a Lifetime guarantee from Rubicon Express. (I had another set of control arms I bought used with bad bushings and RE replaced the bushings for free)

I'd like to get $550 for all of it

Text to (775) 276-2638