To Pintle or Not to Pintle


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So i am planing some work to the new to me trailer that was previously owned by a farmer. Who liked to weld. A alot. Presumably with tractor batteries, jumper cables and washers from his pockets....

Seriously, the ball coupler that it is on it is old as Moses. Its the old screw down type and has this mass of welded crap on it to make the trailer level while hooked up. Most likely its not going to snap off but I can't stand it.
So while i have the plasma out doing the weight reduction surgery, I am thinking of cutting it off and replacing it. I like the look of a ring and pintle, but didn't know if such a light trailer would have issues with it. I'm gonna guess 5-600 pounds.
I'm thinking with all the off road trailers that have them i should be ok. Am i good to go or should i put a 2 inch back on it?
If i put either back on without a 6 inch drop the trailer wont sit level. Will the ring tolerate this for a while?


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If you're going to be only towing it on the street go with a ball they don't have all the slop that will be crashing and banging like with a pintle
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I would go with a good bulldog type hitch. They are $$ but you can abuse them pretty bad for year after year and they keep going strong.