Tony's Jeep


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Tony's Jeep (Reno's Ultimate Pizza Delivery Vehicle(updated)

Evolution of Tony's Jeep...


-First jeep, 87 XJ. Directly after purchase


-new paint, still stock, stupid, feeble tweaks to make it cooler(atleast it had a stereo system)...


- Jeep number 2, 99 TJ. Bone stock, keepin it real on hunter lake 2 weeks after purchase...


- 3" teraflex short arm lift, 33" BFG MT's. lovin it!


- Moonrocks outing... still same setup


- Cherry-popping rubicon trip, changed: 5.5" springs, D44's, ARB'd, 35" Toyos


- Aftermath of my first trip


- Testing out the new 4 link suspension on Twister... all good in the hood


- Second Rubicon trip, nothing broke(yay)


- 40" iroks, Cromoly axles, Tooob'd out. (REAL) cage. wheeling budweiser, fawking up the 3rd waterfall. good times, even more broken 44 front shafts. present vehicle state(plus a hardtop & doors)

Hi im Tony (pizza for short).. i make pizza...

i wheel, break stuff stock stuff, upgrade, break more stuff, upgrade some more, and so on. this is the build of my jeep.

this profile will be added to everytime i significantly modify my vehicle differently (updated weekly).

(check out also for more pics of the TJ and my old XJ)

i realize that some of the below comments will not make sense as they are referring to old pics
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PizzaJeep said:
Tony's Jeep...

i have pics too.. heres me at steves loop... testing my new winch out
\ /

I dont think your suposed to post pics of getting stuck

stuck stuck stuck :p


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shut up tom hahaah... yea i was stuck.. i wedged a rock on my body post and my rocker guard... i winched off of it, and now its bent to hell...
i went with alex(whitezj) through steves loop on friday.. it was cool! i got to test out my oba system, since i blew a bead going through it again... but this time it was earlier on the waterfall.. i didnt have a problem on the part shown in the pic atleast this time.. i gunned it and slid right through haha


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I'm lovin it! Good work tony, now get those mogs under there :D Funny to look back and see how far your heep has come, keep up the good work!


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-present state. mog-ified, atlas, fuel cell, stretched, full hydro, 42's and beadlocks... can you say... 'DONE!!!'..... i can!