Toy Knuckle Centering Tool needed to borrow or rent


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Toy Knuckle Centering Tool needed to borrow or rent.

I'm setting up my 85 toy solid front end to stick under my 4runner.
No original shims. Installing trunnion eliminator kit.

Has Trail gear axle bash n truss's, New 5.29 w/ True Trac.
Installing jeep 44044 springs for front, 63's in the rear,
Have 98% of the parts to finish asap. (READ ASAP)
Still need a few parts: Getting a new 5.29 ARB for the rear today, maybe tomorrow and new 35 MT Baja Bosses..the last ~2% of the items i need.

Its those little things that make it fun...

The Snap-On Driver borrowed a tool from me once, and no he didn't return it!


When I did my knuckles with a trunion eliminator with 6shooters on a new axle. So no stock shims. I found the total amount that got the pre load correct and split the difference top and bottom. When you put the spindle on if it’s centered the axle will spin free in the spindle and not bind. Has worked for me for years now. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the reply, Greatly appreciated,

I got stuck reading online knuckle threads leading to a SST tool tangent... instead a just putting it together as you said.

Thanks again,