Two Tahoe Trails up for Adoption

Simple Man

Hello everyone,

The long time 4wd club the North Tahoe Trail Dusters is slowly going away. Around since 1968, it currently has three active members.

The club had adopted the Middle Fork Trail that is up Blackwood Canyon (the canyon just north of the Rubicon) and the Buck Lake Trail which is the first turn out of the Rubicon staging area. We have worked these trails since the early 1980's.

Both trails are in need of adoption but I already have a 'maybe' for the Buck Lake Trail. Maintenance on these trails is minimal as they never see the use the Rubicon does. The Buck Lake Trail has water runoff concerns, needs a sign and maybe a FS gate at the top. The usual work is cutting back the bushes. The Middle Fork Trail had a recent full makeover by the FS and is in great shape. The only upcoming project there is the re-installation of a kiosk at the trailhead.

Please let me know if you, your club, your business or whatever is interested in adopting either of these trails.