U-pull it Junk Yards?


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Was wondering what kinda junk yards are around here. Say I am looking of 14 bolt FF, a 60 would be sweet but thats just a pipe dream. Where is the better places to find them? I knew tons of places back in NY, (they don't know what they have back there) but alot of the stuff was completely wasted by the elements anywho.


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for junk yards that you take stuff off yourself, you are looking at the pick and pull at the end of greg street around where it bends and turns into vista- they also have a location in carson.

there are also junk yards like the reno auto wreckers on 4th in between keystone and west mccarran, they have a second location on the south side of the airport called airport auto wreckers...

lastly there are a few smaller ones- such as the one off parr blvd, and a few others like it... i think there was a thread on here a while ago that talked about all of the little guys