Ultimate "Expedition" Rig


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Sorry for the delay. Pinzgauers have a 2500cc 4 cylinder air cooled motor. These were made only for the Pinzgauers. From 1986 on they have used a diesel but these can't be imported easily yet until they are 25 years old. The US army wants to start using them so a company in Texas bought production rights last year so now they will be made here. The parts for the air cooled ones will still come from Graz in Austria.


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I love the WJ. Coils all around, solid axles with vari-lock diffs, pure luxury, super comfortable, eats up dirt roads, great power with the H.O. 4.7 V-8. I am going to add a good roof rack for cargo.

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Mercedes G-Wagon. They were not widely available till recently, but some older ones are on eBay now and then. They come with diesels too. Kind of a German counterpart to Land Rover.


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The Ultimate Off-Road 6x6 25’ Expedition RV Built on Military Truck

Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2008-01-25, 11:31PM PST

• Built onto 1968 Kaiser Jeep 6x6 M35A2, 2 and ½ Ton Military Truck.
• This is the ultimate in all-terrain / all-weather expedition RV’s.
• This RV will go anywhere and climb anything.
• Perfect for expeditions, camping, or hunting,
• Great mechanical condition, starts, run and drive great on road, off road or no road in any weather.
• New custom built self contained cab-over-camper design hardly been used since it’s construction
• Has CLEAR TITLE (Very hard to get nowadays, government auction sites DO NOT issue titles anymore)
• 18,500 btu Hydrotherm forced air propane furnace together with super insulated walls and double pan windows will keep you nice and toasty in any weather conditions.
• King sized overhead bunk with 22” x 22” sky light / emergency exit hatch
• 3 sky lights
• Shower
• Flushing toilet
• Removable kitchen table
• Large pass-thru from cab to camper
• Outside water hook-up
• New 3 Burner Range
• New Refrigerator
• On-demand 12 volt water pump maintains constant water pressure for sink, shower and toilet
• 60 Gallon fresh water storage tank
• 20 Gallon hot water heater
• 85 Gallon saddle propane tank
• 32” by 32” Sewage tank
• Burber carpeted floors.
• Heavy duty construction:
o Built with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. The construction resembles a high quality house more than it does a camper.
o Main frame 1.5” x 3” Steel beams and 1.12” x 3” steel beam auxiliary beams
o Spruce laminated 5 ply ACX Double layer on inside wall and double layer on outside wall, screwed and marine glued.
o Not like other cab-over-campers that dent if you touch a tree branch. This heavy duty camper will trim the trees if they get too close.
o Since the camper is so rigid and tough it is attached to the truck with an anti-twist spring system to prevent damage to the camper on rough terrain.
o Very water-proof; does not leak
o Interior wood imported from Peru.
• Inline 6 cylinder, LTD 465-1C Continental Multifuel Engine (takes primarily diesel but can also use gasoline, kerosene, distillate fuel, aviation fuel, turbine fuel, burner fuel oil, bio-diesel, vegi-oil)
• 5 speed manual transmission with high and low range transfer case
• Air shift 6x6; back 2 axles pull all the time, switch in cab engages the front axle as well.
• Only 10.032 original miles and 214 hours
• Completely overhauled in 4/1988 by the Tooele Army Depot, so there's actually only 2,000 miles on the overhauled engine.
• Has been completely serviced recently: Oil changed, new oil filters and fuel filters.
• Includes two tow packages: one for pintle and one for a class 3 ball hitch
• Includes ALL owners, operating and service manuals
• Can ford 6’ deep water with deep water fording kit or 2 and ½ feet of water without.
• Dimensions of Camper: Total Length: 19’1” Width: 8’3/4” Height: 8’ Base Length: 14’ 1” Cab Over Length: 5’ Generator Rack on back sticks out 18”
• Overall Dimensions: Total Length 25’ Width: 8’
• Empty Weight: 13,000 lbs
• GVWR Highway: 23,000 lbs
• GVWR Cross Country: 18,000 lbs
• Payload Highway: 10,000 lbs
• Payload Cross Country: 5,000 lbs
• Class C driver’s license.
• 9.00-20 Military Tires
• Comes with spare wheel
• Front Tires tubeless 10R-22
• Hydraulic air booster
• VIN: 0125-12810
• 50 Gallon Fuel Tank
• Radiator: 32 Quarts
• Hitch 24” from ground.
• RV door height: 6’4”, width: 2’4”
• Expedition / Recreational Vehicle
• 110 volt inverter.
• Needs some cabinet doors and drawers
• Fold down stairs.
• Waterproof electric system
• Robin Williams should have had this in “RV”.
• Comes with one 5 gallon jerry can full of diesel.
Please leave your phoe number and we'll call you to make an appointment to see it and then you're welcome to make an offer. All offers are being considered and best offer will be choosen within a few weeks.
Thank you for veiwing.

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97 Discovery XD
some of these pics are old....
snorkel's going on next week (for the dust, not water...) and an Engel 45 expedition fridge in the next few months. The rear cargo area has been modified to secure all the gear with ratchet straps.





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I like Jeeps! Lift an XJ or ZJ and put the rest of the money in the bank!:thumbsup:

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Hmmm, 4BT in a 80. :thumbsup:


$20k for conversion. :eek:

Even better than the 4bt swap is the 6bt swap I know a guy who runs a body shop and he is kind of a genius. He has done several 4bt swaps in the FJ 60's 50's and 40's and he then experimented with an 80 and the 6bt and you have to lift the body to clear the front axel but it does fit and you get ampel power with like 20-24mpg. My FJ80 still has the 4.5L and is going strong but when/if it goes out I'm goin to go with the 6bt.