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Allright guys. I forgot to bump this with the pin shoot last weekend but the rimfire match on Oct 3rd is this weekend.

Man on Man steel

Hope to see you guys there


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ill be there. class c and b for rifle with optics and c and b for pistol with iron sights. unless they bump me up. this will be my first competitve match


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There are no classes for the rifle. You get to shoot with the top guns.

If they have enough they split it in to optic/iron but sometimes we are all together.

There is a chance you will get bumped. C is very entry level.

Either way good luck.

Name is Zach, make sure you say hi


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Good to know. Name is brandon and ill will when i see you. might just bump myself up anyways. illbe shooting a mossberg 702 with a red dot halo and my berreta neos u22!


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New stillwater schedule is up
Link Here


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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls the time has come for Stillwater Firearms first rimfire shoot of the year.

This is a all rimfire steel elimination event. They have separate divisions and classes so you can shoot with similar skilled shooters.

I also started a separate thread so i can answer any questions without clogging up the tacked thread.

Being it is used so much:p


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Alright guys there are two good matches this weekend.

man on man steel in Fallon and IPSC/USPSA in reno.

The steel match runs both days but each one is separate. The IPSC is tomorrow up at the Washoe/Pyramid public range.

As always be safe and good shooting


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Stillwater Firearms is hosting its second rimfire match for the year. This will be held at their range in Fallon. For those of us that shoot the steel circuit the rimfire matches are must attend events. You get higher volume and fun factor compared to the normal steel and bowling pins.

Here is the match Flyer which has some info
july 24th Rimfire match

If you guys have any questions please let me know


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Steel match in Carson tomorrow. Was actually today too but I am slipping.

Man vs Man elimination format. I hear that some gourmet spaghetti will be served up for lunch.

Sorry for the late notice. I will try and be more on the ball


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This saturday september 25th is the last stillwater rimfire match of the year.

This is a elimination type match and is a absolute blast. These rimfire matches are unique because the ammo is actualy affordable


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i might maybe...sorta. my neighbor wants to go shootin next week. he has an AR, a glock 22 or 23? i think, and ive a mosin. be cool to meet some of ya to. we're up in stead @ the red rock exit.


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If its about 2 weeks from Friday that would be good. Should be better weather and gives me time to buy some ammo. I want to shoot a new 45.


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Greetings, All,

We are happy to announce the course many of you have asked for - our Intermediate Handgun Course (Firearms 202)

This seasonal course starts up again on Sunday, May 25, 2014 at the Washoe County Range from 9 am to 2 pm. Space for this course is limited (maximum 6 participants), so please call and reserve your slot early.

For details on this dynamic, fun course, read more here:

New! Special rate:

Option1: All former students may take 50% off the $150 course price!

Option 2: Buy one course at full price, bring a friend for free! It works out the same, but it's open to everyone, whether former students or not.

Yes, you can use your carry gun in your carry device -we encourage it!

You are not going to find such an outstanding handgun training course for this price anywhere else.

Call me at 775.842.6409 anytime from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.



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I'm reviving this bitch ! 3 gun ! Tomorrow ! If you have a man card you should go . If you like chicks and like to chase them , then you should come . If you got a shotgun , semi auto pistol and some kind of semi auto rifle come out ! If you drink beer warm because you don't give a fuck, then come check it out . Stop at Titan ammunition in Sparks on the corner of Stanford and Greg , get some ammo and come out. Even if it's just to watch, cause I know most of you like to just watch . It's at the Washoe range. Check WNPL.org and check out some of the info. ..... oh and more than likely , no chicks will be there. However NvShooter will be in his team uniform